About Us

Health Care Program Advisors is a boutique healthcare management consulting firm, based in the greater Atlanta area, that assists healthcare providers in enhancing operational and financial performance. HCPA is a trusted advisor to the many of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals and health systems. Our core service domains are in healthcare revenue cycle, operational analytics, and information technology. A collection of core principles guide both our mission and service promise to our clients. Our mission is to enable our clients to make distinctive, lasting, and measurable improvements in their ability to support both their organizations and the communities they serve.
  • Our Story
    Started in 2002, on a foundation of serving our clients above all else, Health Care Program Advisors (HCPA) has grown to distinctively serve clients for over a decade. Asked what he’s most proud of, Founding Partner, Scott Leavell states the following, “It’s really the longevity of many of our clients; month after month, and year after year we’ve had the privilege to serve a core group of clients. That’s really what I’m most proud of.”
    The desire to serve clients above all else was one of the primary reasons why Scott Leavell left Cap Gemini Ernst & Young in 2002. After being promoted in the first Vice President class post Cap Gemini’s acquisition of the former consulting practice of Ernst & Young, Scott felt his role had evolved into one more focused on issue and revenue management as opposed to true client service. This swallowed professional propose led him to do the unthinkable in the fall of 2002, abandon the Vice Presidency he had spent a career trying to obtain and set out on his own in a Firm that rested principally on client service. On October 1st 2002, he founded IT Program Associates.
    As Scott founded IT Program Associates, Pat Wulf watched with a sharp interest. After years of working together at Ernst & Young, Pat and Scott had become close colleagues and shared a mutual desire for a closer focus on client service. As the summer of 2003 approached, Pat joined Scott as the second Founding Partner of IT Program Associates. The former colleagues from Ernst & Young and fellow alums of Georgia Tech set out to create a Firm that follow one primary rule, always do what’s in the best interests of our clients.
    In the earlier years, the Firm added clients at a consistent pace. Specific service offerings in the areas of contract negotiation, vendor management, operational improvement, and leadership coaching emerged. Though areas of specialty arose, the Firm’s commitment to custom solutions did not. Each engagement was, and continues to be, uniquely developed for each client situation.
    As relationships with legacy clients deepened while the pace of new client additions quickened, the need to add consultants intensified. Due to the unique client focus of the Firm, consultants were added in a measured manner to ensure their professional profile was consistent with the culture and direction of the Firm. To this day, consultants are added to our team based on a balanced criteria of professional acumen and fit with the unique culture of the Firm.
    As the breadth of the Firm’s service offerings widened, it became clear that the name IT Program Associates no longer matched the Firm’s span of capabilities. In 2005, the Firm’s name was changed to Health Care Program Advisors and HCPA was born. This change was followed by a branding campaign that started with the release of a new logo with its distinctive diamond and was culminated with the launch of a redesigned website in 2006. While the name and branding may have changed, the service and dedication to our clients has remained steadfast.
    With HCPA’s 10 year anniversary behind us and the anticipation of our 15 year anniversary, we strive to always remembering one thing, whatever we do, it must be in the best interests of both the clients we have served for over a decade and those that we hope to have the honor of serving during the years to come.