Core Beliefs

Like the guiding principles of our Firm, a set of core beliefs define our direction and
perspective in application of project management techniques to the services we provide our
Core Beliefs

  • Administration is just Administration...
    As project management grew as a profession, its focus changed. In its early development, its focus was to organize activity to bring projects to an efficient conclusion. As project work grew in its complexity, results began to vary. While some project managers continued to drive their projects to efficient conclusions, others were not quite as successful. Achieving project objectives was lost in the management of the volume and inter-dependency of project tasks.
    The response to this variability was the development of multiple standard setting bodies (i.e. the Project Management Institute) that codified a set of best practices in order to better guide project management activities. While this has reduced variability in practice, it has not changed the research that shows that only 30% of initiated projects meet their objectives.
    We believe that project management can very easily degrade into project administration. Instead, today’s complex project work requires a results focused project management approach designed around a client’s required results rather than the administration of activity.
  • Experience Does Matter...
    Project management, like any other discipline, requires a balance of technical knowledge and practical experience. The right blend of these attributes drives a results focused project management acumen.
    This acumen, or wisdom, empowers a project manager to see beyond the individual tasks within the project management life cycle to purpose and envisioned results for the life cycle itself. This acumen will assist a project manager in determining when to follow the crowd, or when to follow an alternate path to the results the organization is striving to reach.
    We believe that experience is the critical element in nurturing, developing, and sustaining a results focused project management organization, and it is this wisdom that is critical in enhancing project outcomes.
  • Project Management is Not Enough...
    Both experiential and academic research clearly demonstrate the centrality of the individual to realizing virtually any change objective (structural, functional or technical).
    Whether those individuals are sponsors, agents, or recipients, the effectiveness of their individual transition will ultimately determine your organization’s realization of the intended benefits of the change.
    We believe the individual transition is the essential piece of any change initiative.