Strategic, Tactical & Financial Planning

We’re experts at developing targeted, forward-thinking solutions.

The increased convergence of clinical operations, quality performance, and financial results present both new risks and new opportunities for health systems. Traditional planning processes must evolve to navigate these new intersection points successfully. These processes must enable enterprise nimbleness and pace, promote inter-business unit coordination, and drive prudent market differentiation.

Performance Improvement Initiatives

Care Continuum Optimization
Program Advisors provides guidance in developing coordinated care protocols from primary care to discharge planning and post-acute care delivery. This can help drive valuable improvement in discharge planning and execution, as well as reduce clinical variability and readmissions.

Revenue Portfolio Management
We can help responsibly plan for and manage your hospital’s mix of traditional revenue streams with outcome-based models like Value-Based Purchasing. Program Advisors takes a proactive approach to managing in a relative outcome-based world.

Service Line Planning and Growth

Service Portfolio Optimization
Optimization creates a new way to view service growth and differentiation. Program Advisors implements service line growth and optimization plans built on market capture and care continuum pathways designed for your hospital and your team’s culture, with growth barriers pre-identified and mitigated.

Market Differentiation and Growth
We identify and leverage your competitive differentiators in part from tightening physician relations and effecting splitters in high-value service lines.

Destination Center Development
By promoting distinct high-value service as a regional draw, we can create a distinctive market differentiation experience for the consumer.

Academic Planning & Initiative Implementation

Shared Services Model Development
By implementing a culturally acceptable shared service model that effectively manages select functions across historically siloed institutions, Program Advisors helps drive institutional effectiveness and compliance.

We also implement an effective operating model with aligned incentives, effective standard operating procedures, and a trusted financial model, all designed with respect for the distinctiveness of the academic culture.

Physician Alignment Models

Joint Ventures and Management Models
We understand and leverage physician factors to drive alignment, growth, and care coordination.

Growth and Alignment Initiatives
Programs Advisors is opportunity-driven and focused on the market and considers operational and relational factors.