Our Story

Program Advisors was born out of a desire to help you succeed.

Program Advisors’ heritage began with the experience and education provided by Founding Partners Scott Leavell and Pat Wulf’s ascendency into Vice President/Partner roles within the Big Four, as well as the discipline of their undergraduate training from Georgia Tech’s engineering programs. While the background and experience were foundational to their focus on serving clients, their ability to do so in a way that they felt proud of was diminished by the challenging post-dot.com era and the transition of E&Y’s consulting partnership to a public company environment when Capgemini acquired it.  Pressures combined that made “producing numbers” a greater focus than serving clients. Both Pat and Scott desired a firm with a focus on delivering high value and quality client service while having the ability to spend more time with clients producing these results.

Scott was the first to make the jump out of the Big Four environment, starting IT Program Associates in the summer of 2002.  After years of working together at Ernst & Young, Pat and Scott had become close colleagues and shared a mutual desire for a closer focus on client service. As the summer of 2003 approached, Pat joined Scott as the second Founding Partner of IT Program Associates. The former colleagues from Ernst & Young and fellow alumni of Georgia Tech set out to create a Firm that followed one primary rule: always do what’s in the best interest of our clients.
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In the earlier years, the Firm added clients at a consistent pace and speciality areas arose including strategic planning, contract negotiation, vendor management, operational improvement, and leadership coaching. Even with these specialty services, the Firm’s commitment to custom solutions remained (and still remains) steadfast, with emphasis on developing unique solutions for each client.

With the widening breadth of offerings, Pat and Scott determined that the name “IT Program Associates” no longer matched the Firm’s growing span of capabilities. In 2005, the Firm’s name changed to Health Care Program Advisors. While the name changed, the services and dedication to our clients remains the same.

As our relationships and client base strengthened and grew, Program Advisors began to add team members in a measured manner to ensure consistency with the culture and direction of the Firm. To this day, members are added to our team based on a balanced criterion of professional acumen and fit with the unique culture of the Firm.

Between 2006 and 2009, we grew our team with the addition of several Directors and Senior Directors, expanding into large scale EMR implementations associated with the ARRA of 2009 meaningful use regulations.  During this time we invested heavily in becoming a deep resource for our clients in this area.  Since then we remain a go-to source for compliance issues associated with electronic medical records.

In 2010, we hired our first new college graduate and found these new professionals to be critical to our client support. Program Advisors is present and actively recruits on several university campuses. This growth in the size of our team led to our first “brick and mortar” office in 2014.

Between 2010 and 2014, we were heavily involved in developing and implementing strategies for clients around electronic medical records and revenue cycle operations. After many successful EMR implementations, we found that our core engineering skills were in high demand as many of our clients needed assistance with analytics to manage the revenue cycle. In 2015, we expanded our services to analytics and began leveraging our deep subject matter expertise and invested in revenue cycle and business intelligence.

The twilight of the EMR era gave renewed energy to revenue cycle improvement, and Program Advisors is a leading provider of these services. Since 2016, we have substantially grown our delivery capability in revenue cycle operations and revenue systems.  As a result, our revenue cycle team has grown tremendously both in talent and numbers, although we still enjoy a sizeable network of independent professionals in this area.

Recent years have resulted in substantial growth for Program Advisors in numbers and skills.   We expanded our leadership team by adding new Partners to our ranks and expanded our services into strategic and financial planning.

As our Firm develops and expands, we strive to always act in the best interest of our clients, both those we’ve served for two decades and those that we hope to have the honor of serving in years to come. Asked what he’s most proud of, Scott Leavell says, “It’s the longevity of many of our clients; month after month, and year after year we’ve had the privilege to serve a core group of clients.” We are excited about the continuing growth and direction of our Firm.