Revenue Cycle Management

Our experts can help solve problems facing healthcare providers today.

Revenue cycle is complex and includes a multitude of components that are all subject to ever-changing requirements. We understand that Revenue Cycle is more than just billing and collections. Through decades of experience solving some of the most complex issues within Revenue Cycle, Health Care Program Advisors has the institutional knowledge and knows how to help your organization navigate this ever-present challenge.

Health Care Program Advisors is one of the few firms on a national level that can fully address the complete Revenue Cycle. Our extensive knowledge and expertise drives value by helping your organization design and implement a comprehensive improvement agenda that maximizes the strengths of all who can and should be involved, including your staff.

While every client has unique aspects regarding the Revenue Cycle, we focus primarily on the following services.

Cost and Performance Assessment & Implementation

We can set up benchmarks for current levels of performance, assess your current levels of labor and expenses within the Revenue Cycle, as well as evaluate your current use of legacy and bolt-on systems. This allows us to identify any major gaps or issues that need to be fixed. We’ll create an implementation plan that is easy to follow and leads to positive results.

Revenue Cycle Advisory

Health Care Program Advisors provides executive-level insights in your Revenue Cycle challenges. We’ll monitor your current metrics to identify areas of lagging or declining performance, and provide insights into which systems or methods you’re currently employing that need to be updated.

Access/Call Center Improvement

Through our expertise, Health Care Program Advisors provides improvement perspectives for your pre-service Revenue Cycle functions, and we can design centralized processes that can support both the hospital and ambulatory aspects of scheduling and pre-registration. We provide assistance with first-call resolution and one-call encounters, in addition to identifying needed enhancements to system-wide scheduling, organizational processes, technology, and staff training.

Analytics & Measurement

We’re a data-driven firm that has the knowledge and ability to dive deep into the numbers to analyze and distill them into actionable items to improve your Revenue Cycle. Whether you need to know the impact of price increases, managed care rate charges, shifting payor mix and acuity charges, we know which numbers matter and what numbers are more akin to white noise.

Go-Live/Post-Live Support

Do you need assistance in monitoring complete revenue capture during a system conversion or an initial go-live endeavor? We can provide expert insights into what went right, what you need to improve, and what you should do moving forward. We’ll analyze any shortfalls in revenues immediately after the go-live and provide analyses of critical issues and propose corrective actions related to post-live financial and performance decline.

Contract Negotiation & Renegotiation

Negotiating and renegotiating contracts is laborious and challenging, yet vitally important. Health Care Program Advisors can help in addressing the critical business and operational issues in contracts for Revenue Cycle services, whether for specific “point solutions” of full outsourcing.  We’ll evaluate your standing compared to normal market levels and assist in pricing and terms concessions.

For more information about Revenue Cycle assistance, please contact us today to learn more about The Firm and what we can bring to your organization.