Business Intelligence & Analytics

We have the data to translate numbers into action.

We Provide Intelligent Solutions Based on Hard Data

Those who know where data is and how to interpret it will have a major advantage over the competition. That’s what Health Care Program Advisors provides for our clients. We possess the skills and ability needed to understand what the data tells you — and just as importantly, what it doesn’t say. This allows us to customize solutions that fit your specific needs.

Our capabilities allow us to help our clients address both specific, one-time analysis questions, as well as regular metrics reporting, no matter how small or large the underlying data sets, and do it more quickly, and more economically than most firms.

Analytics Vendor Evaluation and Selection

Health Care Program Advisors will complete a needs assessment and requirements definition, ensuring a complete understanding of your business requirements. In addition, Program Advisors will also:

  • Assess strategic objectives for analytics program
  • Evaluate current analytics capabilities and current state clinical and business platforms for analytics capacity
  • Formalize business and technical requirements
  • Complete gap analysis for current state versus future state functionality needs
  • Understand budgetary constraints
  • Assist in creating a request for proposal or other bid request documents (depending on client approach to soliciting bids)

Vendor Analysis

Understanding when vendors cost you more than they’re worth is often more challenging than people realize. Health Care Program Advisors has the expertise necessary to review your vendors to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, and we can help ensure your vendors are working for you, not against you. This service includes the following:

  • Review vendor responses and complete detailed vendor analysis(including functional / technical fit, cost and risk assessment)
  • Create vendor prioritization/shortlist
  • Identify critical success factors
  • Facilitate system demonstrations
  • Facilitate selection of finalists
  • Ensure evaluation process is efficient and easy-to-manage
  • Perform implementation readiness assessment
  • Assist with contract negotiations and budget finalization

Decision Support, Cost Accounting, and Business Intelligence Package Implementation

Understanding of the numbers and information is vital, but without actionable plans and intelligent implementation, it will be hollow. Health Care Program Advisors has the industry knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure the solutions provided are managed in a way that works and sustains itself.

  • Establish project governance
  • Provide project management throughout the entire implementation process
  • Manage data configuration and validation
  • Facilitate cost design and set up assumptions
    • Cost components
    • Data transfers
    • Overhead allocations
    • Service Item Allocations
  • Assist with development of RCC/RVU methodology
    • Facilitate cost development meetings
  • Facilitate testing, reconciliation, and QA validation
  • Assist with end user training


Beyond assisting with selection and implementation of business intelligence solutions, we offer dashboarding services to take your existing data and turn it into actionable KPI metrics. These metrics are reported through data visualization tools that combine tabular and graphic data to help you focus on key trends and outliers in your performance.

Data Preparation and Normalization
The key to effective KPI dashboards is the ability to obtain and blend data from a myriad of sources. We have extensive experience in these efforts and use a variety of tools that allow automation of this often-cumbersome process.

Data Presentation
Using several of data visualization tools (we have our preferred tool or can work with your preferred options), we develop the combination of tables and graphical reports that are blended into dashboards allowing you to quickly and easily focus on key issues.

Once developed, we can put the dashboards into production that allow you to get regular KPI updates and offer appropriately controlled access to others across your organization.